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omg they come so sparingly   
Saturday, May 8th, 2004 @ 9:05pm
mood: bored
damn I must be THAT busy..... the last itme I was here was my dad's bday......

anyway... wasusp with everyone? Things are fine with me... still wokring for the US Capitol Police and LOVING IT!!! This job is so cool....I hope it doesnt go sour on me.... the people I work around are so cool....

what else is going on... ummm I went on a weekend getaway to the Outer Banks in NC for a fishing trip. Of course me and my loving long of my life went together. It was great....caught a whole bunch of fish....we plan to go back soon....hopefully the first week of June before the prices skyrocket down there...

I finally upgraded my cellphone today... the phone i had b4 was utter crap.....

My pet lizard is greedy is all hell.... I put 10 worms in his tank like an hr ago and lets just say there's only 1 left.......he definitely takes after D....

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OMG so sorry for the hiatus   
Sunday, March 28th, 2004 @ 10:42am
mood: chipper
I haven't typed in here in AGES. It isn't that I really didn't have the time, it's just that I'm always so tired when I get home. My sleeping pattern is so screwed up it's ridiculous. I stated before that I now work for the US Capitol Police. Well my hours are from 7am-3:30pm. The hours actually aren't bad when you think about it.... the day goes by a lot quicker and I miss most of the bad traffic goin to and from work. However when I get home I do some little stuff and by the time 9pm rolls around I'm tired as hell and more than likely I'm in the bed. *sigh* oh well....at least I'm finally getitng paid...which means I'll hopefully have a new car and my own place by the end f the summer.

Next major thing.... D (remember him?) bought me a pet lizard for Valentine's Day. I know it's not the typical V's Day present but he knew I wanted one. Well this thing is about a month old and it's greedy as all hell. We can't tell whether it's a guy or girl yet and wont be able to for another few months. SO for the time being it's name is Shim lol


In other news me and D are planning a fishing trip to the Outer banks for the end of April. Now that will be FUN...

I had the house to myself this wekeend bcuz both of my parents went out of town and was totoally BORED. ALlI did was surf the web, watch TV and CLEAN. D is comin over today so it will get better :-D

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March 30th   
Sunday, February 22nd, 2004 @ 8:52pm
mood: apathetic
01.Damita Jo (Intro)
02.If It's Alright
03.Just A Little While
04.Are You Ready (Interlude)
05.He Moved The Earth
06.I Want You
07.Almond Joy
08.Sex Secrets (Interlude)
09.Lick My Lips
10.So Beautiful
12.Thing For You
13.When You Come
14.Little Black Book
15.Half Full
16.Playin' With Myself
17.You Make Me Feel
18.Maybe You'll Be The One
20.When I Get A Chance
21.Journey Of Love
22.Conclusion (Outro)

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I;m still here   
Tuesday, February 17th, 2004 @ 11:38pm
mood: bouncy
I haven't been here in a while.... woooo where has the time gone?

ANyway um.. I'm fine lol.... I work for the US Capitol Police.....yes I'm still with D...he's fine...in fact he's sleep right now.. I'm about to go rape him lol...

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Tuesday, January 20th, 2004 @ 1:00am
mood: drunk
I'm sad because my bf hasn't been over here since last Wednesday and I miss him

As a reuslt I've been forced to drink Corona and drown my sadness in it :-(

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My baby is now OLD!!   
Tuesday, January 13th, 2004 @ 9:27pm
mood: tired
Ok well we got back from Florida aruond 4:30AM. Soon as we got back we got in the bed lol. That was a long ass ride. TWELVE HOURS!!! And I drove 8 of those hrs. It's all good since i expected to drive the whole time...

So anyway we left eeeeeeeearly Friday morning... around 3AM. D's happy ass didn't get ANY sleep beforehand because he was so excited about the trip. SO he wakes me up by shakin me.."baby wake up its time to go!!!".. what a big kid lol... Anyway at first I was thinkin there was gonna be some snow because CHannel 5 sed there was gonna be some. Well it didn't start fallin until we got to Richmond, which is like 100 miles from DC. D started drivin somewhere in the middle of North Carolina and he drove through most of South Carolina. I got some GOOD ASS SLEEP as well. I drove all the way to Daytona from there. We arrived around ummmmm.. like 4 something in the afternoon. All of a sudden D started recallng everything about Daytona since he did spend a big part of his childhood there and hadn't been back since 1992. We go to check into the hotel who ripped themselves off by giving us a King Suite when all i was payin for was a regular room with a King bed. Oh well lol... anyway the hotel was okay... it was kinda outdated. I wouldn't stay there again....

so yeah as SOON as we get there D wants to go fishing. So that's what we did. Well no we did a little running around first. Of course we didn't know our way aroudn so we're wingin it.. we did find Wal Mart so we went there and bought a whole bunch of shit. Afterwards we were on our way to Ponce Inlet. which is where he went fishing all the time when he lived in Daytona. The water was rouh as all hell but D did catch 2 bluefish.... yuck (they taste nasty). We ddn't stya out there long because i told him we had to get up early...like 5:30AM.. for his birthday present.

Saturday: we woke up at 5:30AM and drove to Mosquito Lagoon, which is this big marshy area along the Atlantic coast that holds a lot of marine life... and (according the Floridians) some of the best fishing anywhere. But the main purpose was for D to catch the fish that he hasnt caught in over 10 years: the elusive red drum. it's his favorite fish to catch and my birthday present to him was to take him to a place where there was alot of them and he could catch all he wanted. So I hired a fishing guide that took us on the lagoon in his boat to find the schools of red drum. Well.. we found them.. and D caught his first red drum in over 10 years...

(damn he looks sleepy as hell)

Unfortunately he had to throw it back because it was too small to keep. THe state of FLorida requires the red drum to be at least 18 inches. he caught 2 or 3 more though.. all of which were too small :-(...I also caught like 3 of them...

all of which were too small as well. Oh well.. at least we caught them. We didn't get to stay out there oto long bcuz the temperature was falling (50 degrees in FL is UNHEARD OF for me since I've neevr worn a jacket in FL) and the wind was blowing like all hell. Of course this would happen when WE went down there. SO after that we looked for more fishing spots in Daytona Beach.. we found a couple that weren't productive so we ended up right back at Ponce Inlet and didn't catch a damn thing....afterwards we drove aroudn the town lookin for somethin to do and OMG Daytona is SHITTY. NOTHIIIIIIIIIING........well we did go to the mall which isn't much to scream about. other than that Daytona is pretty crappy...well aside form the beach...

Sunday: Spent it fishing.. caught nothing lol...weather was the same...

Monday: of course on the day we leave the weather warms back up and there is virutally NO WIND...we checked out of the hotel at like 10AM and while we were supposed to be on our way home we ended up going fishing AGAIN. D caught a shark which was like 20 inches long but he threw it back... who wants to eat a shark? lol.. so anyway we left Dyaotna aroudn 4pm lol.. which was not the plan but hey what can u do....D drove form Daytona to the Georgia/South Caorlina border (about 4 hrs) and I drove the rest of the way.. and liek I sed we got back aroudn 4:30AM. Today I am still recorvering. I took the rental car back around 12:30 and then met D for lunch and then came home... and now I'm bout to go to slepe.. but foirst let me say that at first I was disappointed that the trip didnt go exactly how I planned.. but it was lal the weather's fault. D sed he was extremely happy that we got to go on a vacation together and that my main goal for the trip was accomplsihed which was for him to catch his favorite fish... of course it would have nice to keep them too but oh well...but after his convincing my spirits were a lot higher about the whole thing. I'm glad I was able to make my baby happy on his birthday. But God knows.. he's OLD!! He's now THIRTY. NOw when someone asks me "how old is ur bf" and i say 30... it's gonna be like a heavy wind just came form nowhere bcuz it will go over their head that I have an older bf. I guess with me being 23 as long as my bf was sitll in his 20s it aint as bad but now he's 30... it seems like we are AAAAAAAAGES apart lol.. but its all good bcuz 30 is a sexy ass age to me for some reason. I've always een into the older crowd bcuz experience and maturity is attractive to me... so D being 30 is no big deal to me...especilaly since I started dating him when he was 28 (and I was 21)...ok goodnight lol

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2morrow is the beiginning of D's birthdya weekend...   
Thursday, January 8th, 2004 @ 11:44am
mood: excited
Tomorrow me and D leave for Daytona Beach. We're leaving at around 2 or 3AM... hopefully I'll get enough sleep b4hand bcuz I'm drivin the whole way down... which is a 12 hr trip....

but as for today I have to go pick up the rental car all the way in BETHESDA which is on the other side of DC in MD. THEN pick D up form work THEN did this lil bit of running around b4 we come bac home and get some sleep...

on top of all this it's supposed to snow tonight and I do NOT like fuckin with snow so we may be leaving a lil earlier than expected if it gets too ugly...

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Hello 2004!!   
Friday, January 2nd, 2004 @ 11:01pm
mood: anxious
Happy New Year everyone!!

Okay so I brought my New Year's in by goin to The Edge with D and his his friend Luis and Luis's friend Jerry. Of course we all got drunk as hell first b4 we went to the club. I remember most of it for the most part. Me n D were in the corner freakin and kissin all damn night while Luis stood against the wall not having fun. jerry passed out on the dancefloor and all these dudes kept getitn on top of him and freakin him lol. D kept fallin on the gorund lol... we got tore UP....

ok so then we leave and Luis has to take us home... well I drove me n D to my house and then Luis was on his own goin home.... mind u he lived in Silver SPring which is like 30 miles from my house. Well um he didn't make it home lol... he was goin 75 on I-95 and got pulled over and eventually arrested for drunk driving. They let him out the next day though. I actually had ot see him tonight bcuz I left my cell phone in his car. I took the subway up his way and he drove me home... that was nice of him. I offered him gas money but he didn't want it so oh well....

Also for some reason I told D where we was goin for his bday. SO I can say it on here now.. I'm taking him to Dayotna Beach, FL. WHY? Bcuz he grew up there and hasnt been back since he left in 91 or 92. Of course he's happy about it... he sitll doesn't know what's gonna go on for his bday tho... heheheheheh

well in any case I look forward to big things in 2004... let's just see...

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Late with the Merry Xmas....   
Friday, December 26th, 2003 @ 7:14pm
mood: tired
Well even though I'm a day late... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

I just got back not too long ago (more like 4 hrs ago) from NC for Christmas. My mom's side of the family decided to bring Christmas to my 90-yr old grandfather in Columbia, NC since he's there by himself and confined to a wheelchair. Being that there was gonna be nobody at my house for Xmas, I firgured I may as well go down there. We left Wednesday night...Of course I was bored as all hell... all I did was sleep, ate and watch DVDs on my mom's laptop. I was the only person my age that was there. What fun.... We left about 10AM this morning and my mom made me drive all the way back. The 5 hr drive wasn't that bad except for the traffic pockts on I-95 and the 4 accidents we saw. i mean damn peeps learn how to drive.. the holidays shouldn't be any exception.

Of course I missed D... I talked to him a few times while I was down there and both of us admitted that neither one of us wanted me to go down there. *sigh* oh well... I miss him now. He has his kids this wekeend but I may see them tomororw... we talked about me meeting them for lunch somewhere.

Damn I'm sleepy...

Oh yeah my dad knocked on the door and gave me $50. That will go towards D's bday weekend....

I still need to finish buying crap for my mom's fish tank...

Speakin of pets I've decided to get a pet lizard. My gracious and sexy (as irrelevant as that is but its true) bf is going to help me. Hell he'll prolly pay more attention to it than me. He already pays more attention to my mom's fish than she does...

as I steal this survery from hoiiywood...

2004 Resolutions
-go back to school... Art insitute
-get D's ass back in school
-get my own apt
-buy a new car
-get a full time permanent job....

What song will always remind you of 2003?
hard to say....prolly "Crazy In Love"

What countries did you visit?

What would you like to have in 2004 that you lacked in 2003?
a permanent job...money....

Compared to this time last year, are you:
i. happier or sadder? much happier....
ii. thinner or fatter? hell if i know.. I eat everything and don't gain a pound so I'm prolyl the same size
iii. richer or poorer? richer!!! I'm working!! :-D

What date from 2003 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?
August 4th.. the day I finished college...

What was your biggest achievement of the year?
Graduating from NC State!!

What was your biggest failure?
Ummm.... hard to say....I have no idea...

Where did most of your money go?
um.... D :-)

What did you get really, really, really excited about?
Finishing school...my birthday and what my bf did...

What do you wish you'd done more of?
Fishing... too bad my car died :-(

What do you wish you'd done less of?
ummmmmm.... nothin I can remember

Did you fall in love in 2003?
well I fell MORE in love... I fell in love in 2002

How many one-night stands?
I had a whole lot of one night stands with my bf lol

What was your favorite TV program?
The Practice!!!

What was your greatest musical discovery?
Music was garbage this yr.. theonly good stuff was Alicia Keys, Outkast, Luther Vandross, and Beyonce (that I can think of)

What was your favorite film of this year?
The year ended with a bang with Lord Of The Rings... X2 was also very good

What was the best book you read?
Book? What's that?

What did you want and get?
I wanted my college degree... just not in that field.. oh well I got it anyway

What did you want and not get?
a new car

Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most?
eeehhhh I'm not big on famous people... I saw a couple but didnt think much of them...

What political issue stirred you the most?
this issnt my cup of tea at all lol

Whom did you miss?
my aunt in NC...D whenever I wasnt aroudn him...

Quote a song lyric that sums up your year.
the whole song "Crazy In love"

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um lol   
Sunday, December 21st, 2003 @ 5:51am
mood: indifferent
Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllll..... I was told that I was "AWOL" (whatever thta means)by hoiiywood on LJ so I figured I would finally post. I mean its only been a *checkin LJ for a sec*... a week since I posted last lol.... well ok yall won...

this week has been busy. Of ocurse I;m still workin my long term assignment which will come to an end omn Christmas Eve. I;m kinda glad it will be over bcuz... well actually I wouldn't mind working there full time. But still ... the fact that they kept the AC on in the dead of winter all day long (and the fact that my cubicle was RIGHT UP UNDER a damn vent) got on my nerves. But yeah it;ll end Wednesday... I'm glad i worked it bcuz I managed to get some money in my pocket so that I can go Christmas shopping and fund D's birthday. My sleeping pattern was all fucked up... I'd go to work with 2 hrs of sleep under my belt and be yawning and dozin off at work all day. And then I'd come home and take a long nap...I swear....

Today was a productive day. Me and D did some "somewhat" Xmas shopping and then we went to go see the last Lord of the Rings. that movie was OFF THE CHAINZ! It was 3.5 hrs long but it didn't seem like it bcuz it wa sso good. I recommend it to anyone but make sure u've seen the first 2 or u will be LOST. As far as the Xmas shopping.. I saw what I'm buying my mom (a pet lizard) but I couldnt carry it around.. so I have to go out there some time next week. I have NO IDEA what to get my dad. Ollie either... :-\... I see my last minute Xmas shopping is gonna be hell (like it is every yr)

as I eat a piece of Popeye's chicken at 6:05AM....

D looks sooooooo cute sleeping in my bed.... I'd take a pic but I can't find my digital camoooooooook just as soon as I typed that I saw it sitting on my stereo lol


oh yeah I gave him his Xmas present tonight... which was liek this Lord of the Rings package thing.. he LOVES Lord of th Rings.... so I bought him the first and second ones on DVD and then took him the movies to see #3... and i got him an aciotn figure of his favorite character form the movie which is Gollum (those who saw the movie will know who im talkin about)

well.. I'm bout to hop in bed with him so gnite

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What a weekend....   
Sunday, December 14th, 2003 @ 3:00am
mood: bored
Well this weekend is shaping up to be FUN!! *sarcastic look*

-my mom is deciding to be handy this weekend and change the waterworks in the bathroom bcuz there's a pipe that leaks into the basement. Oh boy I can see the jokes from D now.... but anyway she turned the water off and it's SITLL OFF and I have to pee!! I guess I have to pee in a bottle or something...

-I am still planing everything for D's bday. I just found a discounted thing for one of the events i have planned and i'm hoping I can get this discount. Ih ave the hotel reserved and that's about it lol...im tryin to kepe it as much as a surprise as possible but I think he knows what I'm doin for him....either way I hope he likes it...

-I'm hungry as hell

oooh D came online BYE!! Hopefully he'll come over 2morrow....

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WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW ahehehehehehe...   
Saturday, December 6th, 2003 @ 5:57am
mood: better than earlier
LOOK AT THIS!!!!Collapse )

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ooooh snow   
Saturday, December 6th, 2003 @ 2:22am
mood: hungry
Well we're finally getting snow this year.... of course its on the weekend and not during the week....and i'll prolly be lonely this weeend bcuz me n my bf pissed each other off on our way to work this morning and he seems to be holding on to this shit a lot longer than it needs to be held on to so I dunno when he plans on talkin to me again...I sent him a IM on yahoo when I woke up and he just totally ignored it....I just hope he'll be okay 2morrow...

anyway work is getting better... I got caught talking on Yahoo today lol but they were just like as long as it doesn't totaly hold up ur work... I'm like it isnt....I also starved at work today but that has to do with me n D's lil argument this morning...

in any case, I came back home and took a much needed nap....and woke up at liek 12AM... which means imma be up all night prolly...

I downloaded Ruben Studdard's new album and of course it doesn't disappoint.....he sticks mainly to Mid-tempo and slow songs. Damn I sitll have to listen to Musiq's album.. its just sittin on my harddrive takin up space...

i really need to clean my room....

and I need to reserve the rest of this shit for D's bday

and i need ot get paid!! thursday cant come any faster...

oh yeah TLC was nominated for a Grammy!! Woohoo!!!
Xtina got THREE!! she better win every one lol

*back to halkin to hoiiywood in AIM....

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Wednesday, December 3rd, 2003 @ 2:43pm
  They finally gave me a computer at work. Unfortunately the email server is down so i can't do any work. Well actually I could do it from those 773 piecees of paper but now that I have a computer i ain't messin with that shit lol....so i'll just wait until they fix the server. in the meantime I'll just surf the web lol....

I actually haven't done much work today.. I haven't really been motivated to do anything. It's been cold as hell in the office and I keep gettin up and going to the kitchen getting hot chocolate. Not to mention I'm tired as shit....

*waiting for 5pm*

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In a nutshell....   
Wednesday, December 3rd, 2003 @ 12:31am
mood: lethargic
Welllllllllllll.........I was an hour late to work this morning. But it wasn't my fault!!! A blue line train on the subway broke down at the Pentagon station and held up the blue and yellow lines for about 45 minutes. I didn't get in trouble or anything....but I still left at 5 lol which means I have to make up the time 2morrow and Thursday.. I refuse to do it on Friday.

While I was waitign for the train to arrive one of my friends form college spotted me. He's liek WHAT ARE YOU DOIN IN DC??? I'm like ummm I'm from DC what r YOU doin here? He sed that he moved here with his fiance when he left NC State... i was like oh ok... so we exchanged numbers n everything...cool..

Anyway when I was going to work this loud ass heavily DC-accented dude sittin behind me on the bus started a conversation which this loud ghetto bitch about Halle Berry's new movie "Gothika". Both had seen it so u know what they did.... talk about what parts they liked and didn't like. Well they talked about DAMN NEAR THE WHOLE MOVIE. Mind you I want to see this movie so I'm forced to sit there and listen to them talk about it, thus pretty much ruining a lot of it. On a positive note, they both sed the movie was scary as hell and that critics need to shut the fuck up (critics gave it bad reviews). That's what I say.. you can't listen to the critics for shit sometimes.

By the way has anyone actually seen Gothika? How was it to you?

In any case when I finally got to work I see that thye still haven't provided me with a computer.. so back to the 773 pages....

I think the receptionist has a thing for me... every time I notice her she's staring at me and smiling.. im like.. oh hi its u again lol.... she's actually a pretty girl she just looks like she may have a low self esteem or something.

I got my new cell phone today....I like the pretty blue buttons on it lol...Collapse )

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should be in the bed gotta wake up at 6AM   
Tuesday, December 2nd, 2003 @ 12:26am
mood: sleepy
today was the first day of my month-long assignment. When I got there the acted like they weren't expectign me, especially since the person I was supposed to report to wasn't even there. Well anyway they figured out who I was... they explained the job.....if they think it's gonna take a month then um.. ok....anyway...I have to update their database of contact people. It hasn't been updted in over 2 years and there's a lot of outdated information it... let's just day there's 774 pages and 3 people per page....they didn't have a computer ofr me today so they had to print out the entire database on paper and I called these people form the paper. Hopefully they'l have the comp ready for me 2morrow so I can get on the internet.

I miss D.... ooh speakin of which he just called...brb

ok well he hung up when I sed hello...i guess i took too long to answer...

in any case he spent the night over here last night.... I love slepeing with him....our bady contact in the bed is just lovely... there isn't nothin like it....hell Britney is right.... "we don't even have to touch... just breathe..." and i'll be on FIRE!!!!

speakin of him I'm in the midst of gettin the stuff together I have planned for his birthday (january 10th)... I can't say what it is exactly bcuz um.. he may read this behind my back lol...but anyway.. I've reserved the hotel....

ok and he calls back and falls asleep on the phone lol...well I'm about to go to bed since i gotta wake up at 6am....gnite

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Janet update   
Saturday, November 29th, 2003 @ 3:55am
  this one goes out to carolinaplayboi....
Janet's new song will be hitting radio stations JANUARY 19th!!

I have no idea what it's called lol.. but she's performing it at the Super Bowl...

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Black Friday... (and beyond)   
Saturday, November 29th, 2003 @ 2:31am
mood: energetic
Okay well don't ask where I've been lol... for the past weke I've been trying to remdoel my LJ space but I kept getitn distracted... well its done (I think).... so I can write now....

Happy belated turkey day!!! I went over my oldest uncles house who's son is a up n coming preacher....thank God he wasnt there when we blessed the food bcuz he would have had to preach first before we ate...I believe in God and everything but fuck that shit.... niggas be HUNGRAY!!!! I didnt get ot bring a plate home tho bcuz my greedy ass family ate EVERYTHIGN UP!!! except the chitt'lins.. my mom mangaed to get some of those... who could eat such nastiness....other than eating it was a cool event...I didn't have to deal with a million questions from my aunts and uncles about how the real world is treating me and all that stuff...which is what I like to avoid... I saw a couple of cousins I haven't seen in like 5 years... who all look the same to me... my cousin Tiffany cut her hair.. why I dunno.. even tho it looked nice on her....for the most part we sat downstairs the whole time while Madea plays... yall do know who Madea is right?? the ghetto grandmother who smokes weed and carries a gun around in her purse lol... dat chick is hilarious...

Today was Black Friday....shopping madness...um yes I spent money on me and my bf....Old Navy is really a nice store when they go sale crazy......the traffic was hell.... thank God I took the subway.... oooh and I found someone's lost cell phone on the subway and of course I took it lol.... I basically used it to text message ppl and I called a couple numbers...that cheap fucker didnt even have long distance on his phone....eventually he cancelled the service on it bcuz I couldnt even send anymore text messages... oh well

speaking of cell phones I ordered a new plan today.... after having Cingular for 3 yrs and Tracfone (I hate them!) for acouple months I decided to go with Verizon. But of course they don't have the phone I want in stock so I'll be waitign until Monday until I get it.... great....

I met D for lunch today and of course in all the crowd we see one of my old sex partners... in fact it was the first guy I ever had sex with....I didn't speak to him and I'm not sure if he saw me....good... last time we saw him was at the Delta when he grabbed me all abrupt and D hit him lol... I had to tell him that I knew him....and that was that...

MUSIC!!!! Alicia Keys does NOT disappoint!!!! One of the best albums this yr.. nothing like her first one... well of course she's playing the piano on all of them... but that's fine.... the best songs... Harlem Nocturne, Karma, You DOn't Know my Name, If I Ain't Got You, Samsonite Man... hell all of the songs rock!! SO that brings my cd list up to EIGHT of albums that weren't a disappointmnent this yr (that i looked forward to)...which is oretyt sad considerg all the CDs that came out this yr.. the others were:

-Monica - After The Storm
-Luther Vandross - Dance With My Father
-Outkast - Speakerbooxx bla bla bla
-Erykah Badu - Worldwide Underground
-Justin Guarini - selftitles
-Beyonce - Dangerously In Love
-Britney Spears - In The Zone

Ms. Aguilera and Mr . TImberlake (as it was brought to my attention) were released LAST YEAR so they dont count lol...

I also downloaded Musiq's new album whcih I have yet to listen to... same with Nelly Furtado...ooh and i downloaded Kelis's new album and I deserve to be shot with shit and killed for stinking for makin my pc ever put its energy into downloading such CRAP

oooh speaking of shit brb lol

ok back.....I feel sorry for trustatry78...his very fat best friend had to sleep in his room last night and he snores to all high heaven.. and Ollie couldn't get to sleep :-(... well eventually he went to sleep but then boo fell off the couch... oh my.... form what I reclal boo weighs liek 400 pounds???shouldnt Ollie's floor be like cracked or somethin from the earthquake?

I start a month long assignment on Monday!! That means I can pay for what i have planned for D's bday. Ooooooh speakign of which.. let me TELL UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU what this sexy yellow man did for my bday!!!

November 17th: bought me a fossil watch (yall saw that... if not check out the 11/17 (or was it 18th?) entry)

November 19: he bought me a THUNDERCATS SHIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok so yall r liek so what?? OK well if u didnt watch cartoons in the 80s when they were WORTH SOMETHING (unlike this mess on tv now) then trust me u know about thundercats and im sure it was one of ur favorite cartoons.

November 21: oooooh....ok so he makes me check into the Doubletree Hotel. He'll be there later when he gets off work. There's a nice king bed in there... oooohh...so when I get there i fall alseep... when he gets there he makes me get dressed... and we go out to eat at Phillips... whch is this seafood restaurant on the waterfront... we pigged the fuck out with the buffet lol.....and then we go back to the hotel... well first we go to Harris Teeter and buy a cantaloupe hmmmmm.... so then we go back to the hotel and take a nap in each other's arms... and he get sup and runs a bath... and there's all these candles aroudn the tub... so I get in... then he gets in ooooooooh.... and he starts.. feeding me cataloupe....omg so romantic....and we get out and make wild hot monkey love.. um did that sound right?? lol.... well u get the idea....

November 22nd: We go to the mall and he has me going in and out of every fuckin shoe store bcuz he's talkin about he wants to buy some sneakers....ok why did we leave the mall with timberlands for ME.....big liar... lol... so then we go to the Wharf and he buys LOBSTER????? Omg.. and since both of my parents r out of town we go to my house and he cooks the lobster and serves it to me.... romantic style... and then we laid together and watch Lord Of The Rings (one of our favorite movies) and then.. well we didnt get ot the end of the movie b4 we went upstairs and accomplished some things lol

November 23rd: we just chilled aroudn the house naked all day... and I definitely dont mind seeing him naked mmmmmmmmmmmmmm........cooked fish......bla bla bla....

well that's about it... it was simple yet romantic.. and it just reinforced the reasons why I'm in love with him. I can't believe I got so lucky.. especially with someone I met on of all places.. Yahoo.. aka H.O.E. Instant Messenger...but anyway... I was ready to cry after this weekend was over.. hell I did tear up before it got into full swing when me n him were taking takign a nap in the hotel room... thank you D for such a lovely birthday....

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Well Actually....   
Wednesday, November 26th, 2003 @ 11:06pm
mood: creative
Tonight I'm finally working on remodeling my journal lol....I got sidetracked before.... so this thing should be changed by the end of the night.....

as I download Alicia Keys album....

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Monday, November 24th, 2003 @ 6:01pm
mood: creative
if you happen to visit my journal and it looks all fucked up and funky its bcuz I'm changing it and tryin to see what looks good lol... bear with me

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